• Slip resistant outsole, SRC (Slip resistance on ceramic tile floor with NaLS and on steel floor with glycerine^c)
  • A penetration resistant stainless-steel midsole
  • An impact resistant steel toe cap that withstands up to 200 ± 4 J, and a compression resistance of 15KN.
  • Basic light chemical spray and splash protection and tested to acetic acid at a concentration of 99± 1% as per EN 13832-3:2006
  • Re-enforced shin, ankle, heel and toe protection
  • Energy absorbing heel
  • Anti-static, reducing the chance of electrostatic discharges
  • Cleated outsole for additional traction on slippery surfaces
  • A broad fitting toe region allowing a comfortable fit for men and ladies feet, especially over long periods of time

Sizes:4 – 13

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